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Author's Club

Our Author's Club was created to give the author a platform to sell their book, gain exposure and widen their audience, all while receiving a sales commission + the normal royalties that are typically received each time a book is sold. Sounds like a win-win, huh?

Here's How it Works

  1. Fill out our form with your name, city, state, the title of your book, ISBN.

  2. Upload any pictures and short 60-second video clips of yourself or your book. Whatever you want the readers to see might help drive sales for your book.

  3. Submit it to us for review.

  4. Once approved we will add a preview page to your book listing with all the submitted info.

  5. Each time your book gets sold on our site, you will receive an additional commission from the sales. It's that simple.

  6. Use our partners at Write the Vizion Global Enterprise, LLC to create a customized landing page to help promote your book even further on our website (pricing includes deep discounts for authors).


We will send out your check and a statement with the number of sales each quarter on the following schedule: January to March will be paid by May 1st, April to June will be paid by August 1st, July to September will be paid by October 1st, October to December will be paid By February 1st.

We will also be updating our payment method to include PayPal and Venmo so that funds will automatically be available to you.

Submit your Book for our Author's Club

Thanks for submitting - we'll be in touch!

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