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By Martha Louise  (Author)

ISBN: 1732942331 

EAN: 9781732942332




Empowering. Heartwarming. Inspirational in its application of life lessons to sports.

To advance a level in gymnastics, Adeline must join a team in a new gym. She expects the greatest challenge will be meeting her goals of achieving her skills and scoring high. But when kindhearted Adeline meets two unwelcoming teammates, they give her the jitters, shake her confidence, and trigger a tumble of emotions.


The educational value in this fictional sports book for tweens centers around the adjustments a young girl makes in competitive gymnastics and the life lessons she learns. Adeline's perseverance steers the young reader in learning the importance of: working hard to achieve goals, dreaming big while bravely accepting challenges, and finding emotional and mental strength. At the same time, by the very nature of prosocial behavior, Adeline's virtues of kindness, empathy, and compassion will likely be instilled in the reader.

Adeline in a Gymnastics Jam

SKU: 1732942331
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