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by Todd Duff

ISBN: 1948494531

EAN: 9781948494533



Bargain Boats and Budget Cruising is about how the ordinary person, one who does not have a trust fund or hundreds of thousands of dollars saved up, can still embark and see the world, or live-aboard a sailing vessel for extended periods in beautiful places without waiting for years and years to save up enough money before they can start, or without the need to work for decades to "retire" afloat. This book is for those who wish to go now; who want to live this exciting lifestyle immediately, rather than waiting any longer; dreaming of waving palm trees while standing on a distant shore. Or worse, trapped in a city in the middle of a continent working a job they hate, to pay for the house or apartment they need to work that job and pay for the vehicle they need to get to that job, plus insurance, utilities, and the myriad other annoyances that can hinder experiencing an incredibly simple, healthy, exciting, and fulfilling life.

Bargain Boats and Budget Cruising: The Fine Art of Selecting a Great Boat, Outfi

SKU: 1948494531
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