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By Susan Kite  (Author)

ISBN: 1734607203

EAN: 9781734607208




Come on 'round and hear the tall tale of Billy Bob Flybottom from Hoop 'n Yoller Holler. Billy Bob is as tough as a cedar tree and as strong as a team of mules. He can out-chop, out-plow and out-hoe anyone in the Appalachian Mountains.

When the tales of his incredible exploits travel to nearby Corn Pone Holler, bully Jimmy John Rockriler is jealous. He thinks he's meaner and stronger than anyone. He wants to fight!

Billy Bob must get creative and outwit the bully from the neighboring "holler"!

This early chapter book is a humorous folktale set in the Appalachian mountains.

Billy Bob Flybottom

SKU: 1734607203
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