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By J N Fishhawk (Author), Johnny Rocket Ibanez (Illustrator)

ISBN: 0578968029

  EAN: 9780578968025



Hop aboard Tugboat SallyForth with Billy and his friends for a day of magical adventures above and below the weird, wild waters of the Wide Whim Sea.


Billy and his family live in the village of Can-A-Ree on the shores of the Wide Whim Sea. Billy's grandfather, the Old Salt, has taught him almost all there is to know about tugboating. Billy & Tugboat SallyForth follows Billy and his little crew--consisting of one Ship's Cat and one Ship's Rat--as they take a day trip to explore the watery wonders their world has to offer.


Billy's plan is to don his diving helmet and slip below the surface for a day of schooling with the fishes. Once he's in the water, his expedition doesn't quite go as planned. But with a little help from his (mostly) trusty first mate, he turns his troubles into an aquatic romp to remember. Deep beneath the waves, Billy makes a surprising new friend, and even manages to learn a few things along the way.


This first-in-a-series story introduces readers to the quizzical, quirky World of Whim Sea. Full color mixed media images, digital illustrations, watercolor paintings, and black and white pen-and-ink drawings portray Billy and his friends' sometimes silly, sometimes surreal escapades.

Billy & Tugboat SallyForth

SKU: 0578968029
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