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by Jack Davis

ISBN: 9781892216090



Jack I. Davis has written this very easy to understand instructional navigation book. After traveling thousands of miles on the water and teaching hundreds of navigation and boating courses, Captain Jack has put his vast experience into this excellent book. Filled with knowledge, sea stories and humorous anecdotes, this book is not only a learning tool but thoroughly enjoyable to read. He has even thrown in a few boating lessons to help you at sea.

Captain Jack takes the reader through each phase of navigation by first explaining, in detail, the steps needed to complete each phase. This is followed by a list of questions to answer, using your new found knowledge. After you have completed the questions, you can check your answers at the end of each chapter. All the calculations are accomplished with simple, grade school math using an inexpensive calculator and basic plotting tools.

If you believe you do not need these Old Time navigational skills in this modern age of electronic navigation, Captain Jack makes this suggestion to you: "Tape a mirror below your GPS display. When the electronics fail, you can look in the mirror and see exactly who is lost". Illustrated.

Captian Jack's Basic Navigation

SKU: 9781892216090
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