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Bruce Ballister

ISBN: 1733257152

EAN: 9781733257152



At almost fifteen, Brad Hitchens discovers an alien artifact buried deep in the roots of a fallen ancient cypress. His efforts to uncover the origin of the simple metal rod bring mortal danger to himself and his family. Forced to move in with distant relations, he takes up a new identity and learns to live among the offshore fishing community of Apalachicola, Florida. An accident at sea hides the artifact away for years. In Part 2, Brad now a college graduate, has the skill set required to confront the agents of the government who have been relentless in their pursuit of him and his find. He and his long-time girlfriend Connie, take on the black hats and bring their discovery to the public. The exciting conclusion reveals the secrets behind an even more important revelation that has been buried in those pine Flatwoods for centuries. That discovery will rock the world and its view of Humanity's place in the cosmos. Seven otherworldly outtakes, interspersed into the storyline eventually divulge how the artifact arrived over four hundred years ago.

Dreamland Diaries: Parts 1 and 2

SKU: 1733257152
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