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by Julie Bradley

ISBN: 9781732918405



Retire early, sell everything, buy a boat 4,000 miles away and sail around the world. What could go wrong?

Meet Glen and Julie, sailors who search for paradise in places not covered in travel brochures and discover that reality can be even bigger than dreams. From Force 10 storms in the North Atlantic to the crystal blue waters and white sand islands of Fiji, Escape from the Ordinary opens a window to authentic encounters and adventures in extraordinary, far-off places.

Told with keen observations and sparkling with wry humor, Julie describes the terrors and pleasures of retiring early and living a life of total independence where even simple decisions can have big consequences. Far more than a circumnavigation account, this exhilarating, true story will engage those planning to sail off into the sunset as well as armchair travelers. This is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration to go "all in" on your own dreams.


In the tradition of Paul Theroux's Happy Isles of Oceania, they immerse themselves deeply into places and cultures that are so off-the-beaten path you will reach for an atlas to find places like Bequia, the San Blas Islands and Niue. Traveling from one epic adventure to the next on board their sturdy Amel sailboat, storms and danger are as nail-biting as Tania Abei's, Maiden Voyage. From dodging voodoo curses on Cat Island to clawing their way out of underwater caverns in the South Pacific, Glen and Julie take the reader along for the adventure of a lifetime.

Come aboard and Escape from the Ordinary

Escape from the Ordinary

SKU: 9781732918405
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