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Stan Loveday




Kent stared into the eyes of his friend as the life drained out of him. The bullet tore more than the life away from him. It set Kent on the path of tracking down the arsonist that was now a killer!He lifted back the dark covers of corruption that now placed his life in the crosshairs. Could he stop him and whoever mastermind these disasters before he became the next victim?That late season storm started a disaster in motion. An aged high rise catches fire. One fireman is dead, several more are injured. Where human error left the door open for catastrophe, was it truly just bad luck that caused his friend's death? Or was there something more? As a firefighter struggles to clear his friends good name, others conspire to stop him as all costs.From a story that could have been ripped from the pages of the news, our unlikely hero Kent Ward works to find out the truth over why his friend had died. Why the fires seem to target the firefighters? Who was the arsonist behind setting all those fires? Was it greed that drove the pyres of these flames ever higher? Were they untouchable? Just how high did the corruption go? Follow along as Kent tries to bring those that are responsible to justice, before they remove all traces of evidence. Can he flush out the firebug before he becomes the next casualty? Locked fire escapes! Malfunctioning radios! Armed residents! Kent faces corruption all the way to the top. Can he find a way to bring honor back to his profession?This extremely raw and visceral story follows the camaraderie and life threatening events that real firefighters face every day. A story that will leave you hiding under your covers at night, unable to put the book down.

Fireman Down: Incipient by Stan Loveday

SKU: 9781692342760
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