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By Ginny Brinkley (Author)

ISBN: 1984555707 

EAN: 9781984555700




About the Book

Young. In love. Sixties. Vietnam!

In the solitude of her mountain cabin, Annie is looking back on her life, remembering the excitement of her first love and the intensity of those tender feelings so long ago. Inviting the reader to reminisce with her, she relives her dreams, heartaches, and physical awakenings, all taking place amid a backdrop of the Vietnam War and the iconic music of the 1960s. Oh, to experience that kind of passion again! Would she ever have the chance?

Annie’s story will grab the hearts of everyone who’s ever had a first love.

“Award-winning book that recently earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards.”

Goddess: A Child of the Sixties

SKU: 1984555707
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