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Jeanette Raia

ISBN: 1663214972


A girl running from her tragic and traumatizing past, she is trying to put the pieces of her shattered soul back together when a stranger bumps into her and changes everything. Lanie: After a terrible car accident takes the lives of Lanie Peter's mother and step-father, her evil, sadistic step-brother Patrick steps up and attains custody of her, but having a sadist as a step-brother traumatized Lanie to no end. After barely escaping him, she tries to move forward with her life and forget he exists as he rots in prison for kidnapping, raping, and torturing her. Years later, Lanie's soul is no longer shattered. After years of therapy and soul searching, she has achieved healing from her trauma. Now with her job as a lab tech and her best friend that's been there for her when no one else was, she is ready to embrace whatever life has in store for her. Zane: Just after finishing his tour in the Marine Corps, Zane Matthews has come home. Now a paramedic in the same emergency room as Lanie, he isn't looking for anything serious, as his father has taught him not to trust women. He has no patience for anything serious or time consuming. That is until he bumps into Lanie Peters. Now, after dating many women, here and abroad, Zane is also ready for a relationship with a trusting woman who is a friend as well as his submissive.

Lanie and Zane: I Belong to You by Jeanette Raia

SKU: 1663214972
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