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By Edward R. Laden (Author)

ISBN: 1483641090

EAN: 9781483641096




When Miami television news reporter Arland Hunter is given a temporary opportunity to be lead anchor at his station he resorts to extreme measures in order to make his ascension permanent. He combines a relentless assault on his competitors and uses unorthodox news reporting techniques to capture and cement his position.

He enthusiastically enters into a secret pact with a ruthless and sadistic Miami based serial killer. They forge a clandestine alliance and begin to feed off each other’s strengths and vulnerabilities in order for both men to increase their profiles and achieve their own selfish goals.

Although their pact initially creates an illusion of success, it inevitably is doomed for failure. In the end, we find that desperate people will sometimes go to extraordinary lengths in order to keep their new found wealth and status while others will kill repeatedly to grasp their desired “15 minutes of fame.”

Lead Story

SKU: 1483641090
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