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by Ken Chang

ISBN: 1724997718 

EAN: 9781724997715



This is the Disney Pixar CARS Collector Everything Open Visual Checklist. From Desert Art 2006 releases through CARS 3, 2017 in alphabetical order! CARS, CARS 2, CARS 3, Toons, Storytellers, and Expanded Universe - even Disney Store and Tomy releases in scale. It's ALL here! 12 years - over 1,300 diecast character releases including all major variants all in high res - COMPLETE! This checklist also shows every lenticular release. We also have a YEAR by YEAR release if you prefer that format. From the author of the Disney Pixar CARS Encyclopedia.

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Diecast Collectors: Complete Everything 2006-2017

SKU: 1724997718
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