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By J C Bruce  (Author)

ISBN: 1734784857 

EAN: 9781734784855




Alexander Strange, America's only full-time weird-news reporter, is on the trail of the elusive Florida vigilante known as Mister Manners.


Mister Manners has been on a rampage, gluing grocery carts to car roofs, hiding pythons in tourists' beds, and now the cops believe he dumped a load of horse manure on a naked mob bagman.


He's become a social media phenomenon, a kind of modern Robin Hood, striking out against stupidity and rudeness.


Who is this guy? Alexander Strange is determined to score the first interview with him. But first he must dodge a hired gun, a crazed narc who think's he's Hunter S. Thompson reincarnated, the Queen of Murder and Mayhem, and a deadly toad--all during a raging pandemic.


And Mister Manners, himself, could be tricky to deal with--he's a trained killer, after all.

Mister Manners: A Story From the Files of Alexander Strange

SKU: 1734784857
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