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Published by: Andy Adkins

ISBN: 1736387804

EAN: 9781736387801




In 1968 in the jungles of Vietnam, a wounded 19-year-old Tom Reilly fought off an enemy ambush and carried his best friend out. Only, his buddy died before they could safety be evacuated.

Years later, Tom faces another dire situation. His father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. They have not spoken since 1975, when Tom walked out of his life. With his teenage son, Chris, who has never met his grandfather, Tom visits Ed, a decorated WWII veteran, for the first time in 25 years. The fighting continues, but the healing begins.

Tom buried his memories of a long-ago war along with his Bronze Star and Purple Hearts. Yet, when he begins to rebuild a relationship with his father, those memories return with a vengeance. Even in Ed's demented state, any mention of WWII triggers his memory and his mind sparkles, not only about his time in WWII, but also during the Vietnam War.

Ed doesn't have much time left before he literally loses his mind. But he knows he needs to mend his relationship with his son. He also knows Tom still struggles with his Vietnam demons.

With the help of the resident psychologist and an aide in the memory unit--both with deep, personal connections to Vietnam--Tom begins his difficult journey to heal and to forgive. The question is, can he and Ed resolve their differences before it is too late--for both of them?

NEVER FORGET is a work of fiction and is a multi-generational father, son, and grandson novel about WWII and Vietnam. It is not about combat; it is about overcoming personal conflicts caused by a war. The story takes place in 2001 and reflects upon our current society of an older generation (WWII), aging baby boomers (Vietnam), and the current generation (global terrorism). It brings together multiple facets of dementia and survivor's guilt in a moving story of personal struggles and growing relationships.

Never Forget: A Veteran's Journey for Redemption & Forgiveness

SKU: 1736387804
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