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Author  Bruce Ballister

ISBN: 1511616229 

 EAN: 9781511616225



Nestled in a nebular cloud familiar to most amateur astronomers, is an old sun with a complex array of orbiting planets, two of which are occupied. Neither of them were expecting human visitors. Dropping into unfriendly space is a lesson to be learned the hard way. Brad and Connie take a test drive in their new-used space ship, Jai, only to find that its home planet is occupied by the ship’s ancient enemies. Jai is an intelligence driven Dzuran fighter absent its original owner. Jai’s new crew planned to take a shake-down cruise to the ship’s planet of origin. The plan turns disastrous when they are taken prisoner by the occupying forces. Erran subjugation of the ruined planet Dzura is complete and its surviving Dzurans are enslaved laborers. In the opening novel, Dreamland Diaries, Jai arrived four centuries ago, a victim of earlier battles. While Brad and Connie are embroiled in a contest millions of miles away, evidence of another more ancient visitor to Terran Space is discovered in orbit around Earth’s sun. Is it a sentinel, or a forgotten relic of an ancient traveler in the spiral arm? Brad and Connie must survive a civil war between old enemies and ensure that the winning side will think favorably of the humanity. The ancient artifact has surprises for all. Orion’s Light is Part 3 of the Dreamland Diaries series. If you wish to enjoy this series in sequence, please order Dreamland Diaries from Amazon books or request a copy at your major bookseller. Signed author copies can be requested at Visits and comments welcome at Facebook/Dreamland Diaries.

Orion's Light: Part 3 of the Dreamland Diaries Series

SKU: 1511616229
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