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By Robert Jacob  (Author), Philip S Marks (Editor), Patti Knoles (Cover Art)

ISBN: 1950075591

  EAN: 9781950075591




Florida has a long and rich history of pirates plundering its shores, cities, and shipping lanes. Tales of Florida pirates abound from Key West to Pensacola and from Miami to Jacksonville. But how much of it is true? Exaggerations of true pirate histories have been told and retold for centuries, giving rise to imaginary pirate heroes, and spawning sensational legends and myths.


Digging deep into the true history of piracy along the Florida coast, Robert Jacob has unearthed a treasure of information that reveals the truths, explains the legends, and identifies the myths about Florida Pirates from Sir Francis Drake to José Gaspar.


Come aboard and join Robert on a captivating adventure into the world of Pirate lore. Read about the type of ships they used, the support they received from governments, media's influence on the stories, and how pirates and privateers planned and executed some of the most cunningly successful heists ever known. Pirates of the Florida Coast will transport you back to old Florida and paint a vivid picture of piracy throughout the years. If you thought you knew all about the Florida pirates, you're in for some surprising revelations that will leave you even more intrigued!

Pirates of the Florida Coast: Truths, Legends, and Myths

SKU: 1950075591
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