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Valerie Deneen




Rev up the learning with car, truck, and plane activities for kids ages 3 to 5

Discover new ways to learn and play with all kinds of exciting and amazing vehicles in this standout among preschool activity books. Whether it's finding digging sites for the excavator or spotting the differences between a pair of superfast jets, these activities help kids get excited about letters, shapes, and more. The only thing they need to get started is a box of crayons!

Go beyond other kids' activity books with:

Fun at home and on the road--Find out how good preschool activity books can be for learning on the go thanks to this convenient and portable option.
Educational play--Help children work on letters, shapes, patterns, and more with 75+ activities that get more challenging as they go.
Cars, trucks, and planes--Kids will find dozens of cool and speedy vehicles that are sure to surprise and delight.
Help kids zoom through a city's worth of awesomeness in one of the most entertaining choices in preschool activity books you'll find.

Preschool Activity Books Trucks, Cars, and Airplanes: 80 Games to Learn Letters,

SKU: 9781638073543
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