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By Melanie J Barton Bragg  (Author)

ISBN: 197944918X 

EAN: 9781979449182




On a journey from suffering to salvation, one woman finds the inner strength to overcome her abusive past and painful present to emerge from the quicksand and face a future filled with joy.

When she was eighteen, Marion found twenty-three-year-old Frankie exciting and worldly. His hold over her compelled her to violate her own values, but Marion believed it was true love, so they got married. Decades later, Marion is a shadow of her former self. She has spent a lifetime making excuses for Frankie’s sins, but his deception, manipulation, abuse, and addiction-fueled extramarital affairs have shattered her. But Marion’s history of childhood sexual abuse, her fundamentalist religious upbringing, and Frankie’s own perversion of his role as a pastor have destroyed Marion’s dreams while keeping her chained to a toxic marriage out of guilt and shame.

Then comes the cancer diagnosis—and a host of other health problems. But Marion has finally decided that enough is enough, so she embarks on a path of healing. Through breakthroughs in psychotherapy, she finds that she can look past her harrowing experiences, break the chains that bind her to misery, and move toward a new life of wholeness—and freedom.

Quicksand: Marion's Memories Married to a Sex Addict Minister

SKU: 197944918X
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