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Have You Ever Dreamed of Sailing the World?

Have you ever dreamed of sailing the world? Perhaps the thought scares the hell out of you! Sail on a breathtaking ocean adventure without leaving your seat! Enjoy a story of an epic ocean voyage and get inspired to chase your own dreams.

Join a Kiwi family as they embark on an epic adventure sailing from Spain back home to the wild waters of New Zealand.
This brilliant true story is full of hilarity and the thrills of cruising on a 46-foot piece of fibreglass with family for 218 days. A magical journey of exploration covering 23,053 nautical miles. From Spain, to Gibraltar, the Canaries, across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, the mighty Panama Canal, the stunning islands of Galapagos, Society Islands, Palmerston Island, Niue and everywhere in between. Sailing Marmax is a rollicking read all the way to the end...

The sea really is the last free place on Earth


Contributor(s): Aldred, Debbie (Author)
EAN: 9798223693635

Sailing Marmax: A spirited 218-day ocean journey that shares the delights and ad

SKU: EAN: 9798223693635
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