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Author:  Nancy Blanton

ISBN: 0996728155 

EAN: 9780996728157



It is December of 1649 as England’s uncrowned king, Oliver Cromwell, leads his brutal army across Ireland to crush a violent rebellion. Elvy Burke, daughter of a great warrior, wants one thing—to live her destiny as a leader and defender of her country. As the cavalry approaches, Elvy knows she will not give up easily. When Cromwell cruelly beheads a village boy, Elvy vows to destroy him. After fleeing from his soldiers, she aligns with a Scottish outlaw whose schemes send them headlong into a tumultuous journey across the sea to the West Indies, where she learns to survive and soon discovers the depth of her own strengths and emotions. Sharavogue is the compelling story of one girl’s journey through the lawless lands of the West Indies as she fights her way back to Ireland to confront her sworn enemy and claim her destiny.


SKU: 0996728155
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