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By Shannon Esposito  (Author)

ISBN: 0991320824 

EAN: 9780991320820



When a St. Pete native is killed in a hit and run, pet psychic Darwin Winters gets a vision from the victim's prized golden retriever that leads her to believe it was no accident. As suspects start piling up, Darwin finds herself in the middle of the dead woman's family and friends, not knowing who she can trust. Stories of artifacts and pirate legends, strange disturbances at the Pinellas Point Indian Mound, and show dog shenanigans all add up to one thing... motive for murder. Can Darwin separate family secrets from cover ups and lies to dig up the truth? Or will it be silenced forever along with the victim?

Silence Is Golden: A Pet Psychic Mystery No. 3

SKU: 0991320824
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