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By Patricia Crumpler  (Author)

ISBN: 1953271642  

EAN: 9781953271648




Teacher Emma Whitstone, reserved and quiet, works with deaf children while yearning for a family of her own. Charles Strong Manning is an outgoing, self-assured attorney. They couldn’t be more different, but their incredible chemistry leads to love, marriage, and a family.

There is more to Strong than meets the eye. In addition to his successful consulting law practice, he also has a dangerous and clandestine second job—one that could jeopardize his family. To protect Emma from worry, Strong does not tell her that he is the leader of a four-person undercover rescue operation. When one of those missions goes terribly wrong, and lives are lost, Emma suspects her husband is involved in something mysterious and violent.

 One of Strong’s team-members wants Strong for herself and will do anything to get him.  Finding Emma in a vulnerable state, the woman feeds Emma horrifying information about Strong. Emma takes her children to a place she believes is safe from her husband and the double life he leads. But is any place safe? Is Strong the monster she’s told he is, or the man she fell in love with? Or something entirely different?

Strong leaves no stone unturned and finds his wife and children. Can he convince Emma to trust him again? Will love be enough to heal their wounds? He has never failed a mission. Can he rescue his relationship?

Strong Will

SKU: 1953271642
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