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New York Times Bestseller

The dazzling short story collection by music legend Jimmy Buffett inspired by his real life.

"Good natured tales of free-spirited characters . . . In fact, Buffett's lighthearted endorsement of adventure is so persuasive that, upon finishing the book, many readers will be tempted to get out their maps." —The New York Times Book Review

Margaritaville may not appear on a map, but it does exist—at least in the brilliantly creative, sometimes slightly skewed imagination of Jimmy Buffett. Tales from Margaritaville is a collection of short stories (some purely fiction, some based in truth) so vividly packed with restless dreamers, wild wanderers, and pure gypsy souls that just reading it is a wild adventure. Travel along with a cowboy named Tully Mars, as he heads from Heartache, Wyoming to Graceland, and relive the autobiographical odyssey of a third-generation sailor and first-rate musical outlaw. With unforgettable stories that present the true roamer's twin loves—the sea and the road—Tales from Margaritaville is one "smooth sailing book of infinite imagination" (Chicago Sun-Times).


Contributor(s): Buffett, Jimmy (Author)

ISBN: 0156026988

EAN: 9780156026987

Tales from Margaritaville (Harvest Book) (1ST ed.)

SKU: 0156026988
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