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By Valerie Crowe (Author)

ISBN: 148083095X

EAN: 9781480830950




A sick baby dragon is no fun for anyone! Timothy Dragon has caught a cold and is having explosive sneezes and fiery coughs all around Castle Precious. Not even the Precious Knights-Sir Gold, Sir Silver, and Sir Rusty-can help him, since he can't even swallow their soothing strawberry cough medicine.

Then a wizard comes to the castle and tells the knights about a damsel who has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner in a stone fortress guarded by two bad-tempered stripy dragons. The knights set out to rescue her, with some helpful advice on dragons from Timothy. When they discover that the damsel, Princess Crystal, has the ability to heal people with her tears, the knights take her back to Castle Precious. Perhaps she can help cure Timothy's cold!

In this children's story, the knights of castle precious work to help both their sick dragon friend and a princess in distress, making sure everyone is safe and healthy.

The Adventure of the Sick Dragon and the Damsel in Distress:

SKU: 148083095X
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