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By Laurie Harrison  (Author)

ISBN: 1733285954

EAN: 9781733285957




She’s ready to face the worst. But what if that means betraying her family?

Natalie Clark refuses to let any more innocent lives be taken. Desperate for some way to save her sister from brainwashing, the determined young woman trains to fight. But when she witnesses her sibling leaving the scene of an explosion, the distraught dream-walker fears the next time they meet may end in murder.

Treated by the police as the prime suspect in the bombings, Natalie quickly realizes she’s being set up. And with the crimes a distraction from a megalomaniac’s terrifying revenge, she worries even her healing power won’t be enough to avert a fatal confrontation with her wayward sister.

Can Natalie preserve the people she loves and bring a malevolent madman to justice?

The Awakening is the stunning conclusion to The Unveiling Series of paranormal romantic suspense novels. If you like conflicted characters, edge-of-your-seat action, and jaw-dropping revelations, then you’ll love Laurie Harrison’s spectacular finale.

Buy The Awakening to confront dark secrets today!

The Awakening

SKU: 1733285954
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