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Author: Johnny Bell

ISBN: 1953510817

EAN: 9781953510815




The Dirt Court follows Travis, a middle schooler, through the ups and downs of life in foster care. Throughout the story, he learns how to recognize and manage the damaging feelings that linger from his childhood. The Moorings, foster parents, are patient and give him time and space.

We follow Travis as he makes mistakes, one that nearly ends his current placement with new friends and foster parents that love sports and Travis. He asks the Moorings if they will adopt him. But earlier wrongdoings while living with them make the judge leery. Everyone is on the edge of their seats, hoping that Travis can stay.


Johnny Bell is an educator and high school basketball coach. He has spent the past decade mentoring elementary-age children from various backgrounds. His early childhood was spent living on various military bases while his adolescent and adult life were spent in Gainesville, Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida for undergrad and later a Master’s degree in Education. Strong family, faith, passion for helping children, and enjoyment of sports are all equal forces inspiring the books he has written. He loves spending free time with his niece and nephew, and watching basketball. The Dirt Court is his second novel. His first novel Take the Shot was published by Adelaide Books in 2019.

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The Dirt Court: A Novel

SKU: 1953510817
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