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By Eileen Hobbs  (Author)

ISBN: 1685156436

 EAN: 9781685156435



In Book 5 of the Heath Cousins series, Addie B. is in London for spring break when she receives a startling letter from Jack confessing he is starting to forget about their past journeys to the magical land of Ambra. He encourages her to write down all their adventures. While reminiscing, Addie B. finds a letter from Gemma in her grandmother’s locket with clues to a gateway back to Ambra through a silver statue. For the first time, Addie B. must return to Ambra without her cousins Jack, Beanie and Bodie. When she does, she finds herself back where their adventures first started – outside the Garden of Choice. However, this time around everything feels different. Inside the garden, six young, scared Wanderers await her arrival, as they have been trapped there and are looking to Addie B. to rescue them. But beyond the safety of the garden walls, a battle is brewing, and it will be up to Addie B. to lead everyone home.

The Heath Cousins and the Silver Statue:

SKU: 1685156436
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