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By Edward R. Laden (Author)

ISBN: 1503577341 

EAN: 9781503577343



The 2,500 privileged passengers aboard the ultraluxurious cruise ship Majesty face life-threatening drama as it travels from London to New York. Once the ship encounters a mysterious green fog, things take an eerie, deadly turn. The fog creates a strange hallucinating effect on most of the crewmembers, pitting them against the passengers as deadly combatants. But once courageous small bands of passengers mount a counter-offensive, the possibility of their survival is greatly enhanced. However, if they outfight the drug-enraged gunmen, they must also overcome a volatile mixture of spiritual folklore, long-held personal beliefs, and unexplained aquatic phenomenon. The Majesty quickly deteriorates from the initial pleasurable ambiance experiences of luxury, adventure, and romance aboard an opulent ocean liner to a nightmare voyage simply created by an unexplained fog. A fog forcing the passengers and crewmembers into unchartered territories of their minds, bodies, and souls. Adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, each side fighting to survive the worst ordeal of their lives.

The Majesty: Into the Fog

SKU: 1503577341
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