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TRIVIA IS NOT THE WORD for the stuff in this book. Significa might be more like it. After all, when it comes to the songs of Jimmy Buffett and to those who enjoy them, not a single syllable seems trivial about the lyrics. Everything is significant; even the goofiest things. That’s the reason why Nordstrom first put together this book of questions based on absolutely nothing other than the words in Jimmy’s music. Nordstrom’s simple plan was this: “If Jimmy doesn’t sing it, then I simply won’t ask about it.” And because every true Parrot Head knows by heart the words to every one of Jimmy’s songs, it only follows that you must know the answers to these questions, as well. Just as time and tide wait for no man, though, Jimmy wasn’t about to sit still for Nordstrom. Since the very first edition of this book way back in the last millennium, Jimmy’s cranked out a few more albums, compiled some performances on screens of all sizes, written more than a few best-selling books, and even brought home a music award or two, all of which are entwined with his lyrics like vines around some mahogany tree deep in a tropical jungle. And so, with this tenth edition, Nordstrom’s not only posing his 1001 questions promised on this cover, but also asking a few score more about the lyrical connections to everything else that Jimmy has been up to. As you thumb through these pages, then, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much you really do know by heart. And you’ll happily discover that all of those hours spent listening to Jimmy’s music at last have found a practical purpose.


Contributor(s): Nordstrom, Olaf (Author)
ISBN: 1883684196
EAN: 9781883684198

Things You Know by Heart: 1001 Questions from the Songs of Jimmy Buffett

SKU: 1883684196
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