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ISBN: 2490489003

EAN: 9782490489008

By René J Francillon (Author)

Pub Date: December 09, 2018


This book is a comprehensive guide to US Aircraft carriers operations off Vietnam, between 1964 and 1975. After guiding andd describing the operations, the author focuses on the Vietnam war combat cruises of USS Coral Sea, as she spent more time on the line than any US aircraft carrier.

First published in1988 only in black and white, it now includes in this revised edition over 260 color photographs.

Reference data in tables provide, in an easy to get to format, information of squadron deployments, carrier deployments including air-to-air victories, combat losses and operational losses.

Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club: Us Carrier Operations Off Vietnam 1964 - 1975 (Aerospher

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