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T L Payne




In an instant, everything stops. No lights. No phones. No transportation.

When coordinated EMP and Cyber attacks wipe out the nation's power grid and communications, ultra marathon runner, Maddie Langston, is forced to run for her life.

Stranded in a Chicago airport when the lights go out, Maddie is in a race against time. According to her father, she doesn't have long before the city descends into chaos. She must leave the airport before it is too late.

Although she knows she must flee the Windy City, Maddie's first battle is to overcome her fear of the violence she knows is coming. She's a fighter; she just doesn't know it yet.

The perilous journey out of the city becomes even more difficult when Maddie takes responsibility for an orphaned ten-year-old girl. Together, as chaos fills the streets, they must fight to survive in a Turbulent new world.

Would you have what it takes to survive?

This heart-stopping post-apocalyptic thriller is the first book in T. L. Payne's Days of Want Series.

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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Turbulent has recently undergone a second round of professional edits to take care of those pesky typos.


"One of the best post apocalyptic books I have read."

"Good character development and a great plot made this book hard to put down. A credit to this genre!"

"Great book I was on the edge of my seat reading it . Got to the last page immediately downloaded the next book in the series. Great reads great author."

"Scary realistic. Could not stop reading and have already ordered the next book in this series. Recommend this to all fans of the genre."

"I truly enjoyed the story line, it kept me interested from cover to cover."

"Excellent storyline and realistic characters make this a book hard to put down. Looking forward to reading the other books in this series."

"One of the best post apocalyptic books I have read."

"This had me totally engrossed the whole time, very hard to put this one down."

"T.L. Payne delivers a realistic rendering of what we may face in the event off a grid down scenario."

"This story caught my attention right from the very beginning and didn't let go until the very end. Eye opening and disturbing in many ways."

"I was immediately swept up into Maddie's world and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. This story has everything including hope! A must read for the post apocalyptic/prepper reader."

"I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and the characters were well developed. There was suspense and thankfully NO ZOMBIES lol. Looking forward to reading the rest of this series."

"What!!! How did this book end so quick? I was enjoying this books so much that I forgot to keep track of my percentages as I went along! I was shocked to find myself at the last page. Easy engaging and chucked full of realistic scenarios and information that can be utilized now!"

"This book is fantastic. The story line is interesting from the start to the end, it hardly makes you want to stop reading it. Being able to read the perspective of different characters adds more to the story and does not drag the story line as some books do. If you read it you will not regret it.


Days of Want Series
Mayhem (Coming soon!)

Gateway to Chaos Series
Seeking Safety
Seeking Refuge
Seeking Justice
Seeking Hope (Coming Soon)
Fall of Houston Series (Coming Autumn 2020!)
No Way out
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Turbulent: A Post Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (Days of Want Series Book 1)

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