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This #1 New York Times bestseller from singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett offers "enough hair-breadth escapes and miraculous rescues to fill two Robert Ludlam novels...and talking dolphins too"—Entertainment Weekly

Where is Joe Merchant? That's what his sister, Trevor Kane, the hemorrhoid-ointment heiress, wants to know. For Desdemona, Merchant is the missing link in her ongoing communications with space aliens. Tabloid journalist Rudy Breno only cares that Merchant gets bigger headlines than Elvis. And for renegade seaplane pilot Frank Bama, the mystery of the presumed-dead-but-often-sighted rock star is turning his life upside down.

In his debut novel, Jimmy Buffett cooks up an irresistible gumbo of dreamers, wackos, pirates, and sharks, as he leads Trevor and Frank on a wild chase through the Caribbean Islands to a place where anything can happen . . . and everything does.


Contributor(s): Buffett, Jimmy (Author)

ISBN: 0156026996 

 EAN: 9780156026994

Where Is Joe Merchant? (Harvest Book) (1ST ed.)

SKU: 0156026996
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