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By Valerie Crowe (Author)

ISBN: 1480850853

EAN: 9781480850859




Offering an amusing picture of life in the United States from a British point of view, Who Put Ice in My Tea? shares a collection of short stories detailing the cultural differences between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Author Valerie Crowe, a newcomer to the United States, narrates humorous anecdotes and musings about life in her new country. From driving on the right-hand side of the road, to the trials of pushing a disabled shopping cart, to battling a fitted soap dispenser, to dealing with computerized voice answering services, and more, she gives a compelling first-person perspective of adjusting to an array of new and interesting situations in the United States.

The British answer to Erma Bombeck, Who Put Ice in My Tea? presents a variety of observations from a woman who moved from Jolly Old and is trying to acclimate to a life and fresh experiences in Florida.

Who Put Ice in My Tea?

SKU: 1480850853
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