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By Mike Crowder  (Author)

ISBN: 0578549999

 EAN: 9780578549996



It's Not Your Gramma's ABCs!
A cutting-edge animal book, chock-full o' fantastic illustrations, brilliant writing, interesting facts and biting humor... It's not just a book about the alphabet, either! It's a book about animals, too!
Designed to grow with your child, it's already educated and entertained children
up to 13, college students, and even grandparents... not just preschoolers

With the exception of the quail, this book contains many fascinating
animals, and I bet it's the first time you've ever seen a coelacanth!
(It's a prehistoric fish, thought to be extinct until 1938,
when someone accidentally caught one in the Indian Ocean!) It's custom-made for those learning the alphabet, and for those who have to read it to them.... If you're reading this, you probably know the alphabet. You might, however, want to read about the animals. For each letter, I've written something interesting. Or clever. Or both.  Maybe you just want to look at all the pretty pictures (and they are pretty). Most importantly, you're probably reading this to those who can't read it by themselves, and that is the main reason I wrote it. So you won't get tired of saying: D is for dog... Again.

Wild about the Alphabet

SKU: 0578549999
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