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By Elle E Ire  (Author)

ISBN: 1644054485 

EAN: 9781644054482


DESCRIPTIStorm Fronts: Book ThreeWhat if the mirror does reflect what’s inside?Mercenary Vick Corren is steadfast in her love for empath Kelly LaSalle. When it comes to her love of herself, not so much.After an acidic-lake dunking on a distant moon shows Vick what’s really beneath her synthetic skin, it doesn’t matter that she heals. All she can see is the metallic shell of the soldier she once was. It’s a cruel reminder that she’s a cyborg. An AI. Less than human.And that's not Vick's biggest problem. Her clone, the sadistic VC2, is on the loose and on the hunt. Her mission? Eliminate Vick and make Kelly her own.Can Vick resolve her crippling identity crisis in time to defeat VC2―a terrifying version of herself that she might have been if not for Kelly’s love?ON


Woven (Storm Fronts)

SKU: 1644054485
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