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By Valerie Willis  (Author)

ISBN: 1644501686

EAN: 9781644501689



Whether you're looking to learn how to typeset for clients or formatting your own book, here's a one-stop-shop textbook!
This tome holds a variety of answers for those seeking to become typesetters, looking to self-publish their book, or simply want to learn how to communicate and prepare their manuscripts to get the most out of their designers.
The Writer's Bane is a curse and passion, both a want and need to tell a story. In this volume, you will learn the importance for prepping a book for layout as well as laying it out in a way that appeals to your readers of any genre including picture books, chapter books, fiction, memoirs, textbooks, workbooks, and everything in-between.
Book design has advanced drastically with the aid of software, print-on-demand options, and digital devices making accessibility of information for authors and designers has gotten a lot easier. Discover your options and get ready to make a checklist! This volume covers many topics of research including:

- Glossary & terms
- Anatomy of book interior
- Software & Program Options
- Print options for Digital Typesetting
- What CMS formatting means
- Industry standards vs. reader expectations
- Prepping manuscripts for format
- Trim size options based on type of book
- Formatting for print and eBook
- Do's and Don'ts for formatting
- Step-by-step formatting guides
- Layout recommendations
- Storyboards and Templates
- File preparation checklists
- Examples of books types
- Illustration and graphics handling

Writer's Bane: Formatting 101

SKU: 1644501686
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